Dr. Darrick Hamilton


Throughout human history, and, in plain sight, racism, sexism and ‘other isms’ are strategically used to consolidate economic and political power for some, at the expense of others. As a scholar, I have a moral responsibility to contest empirically unsubstantiated rhetoric that situates inequality in ignorance, so-called grit, and personal responsibility of insinuated 'defective people,' and instead, to craft innovative, informed bold scholarly work that empowers people with necessary resources and structures for economic security, dignity, and 'authentic' agency.


Dr. Darrick Hamilton – a noted scholar, economist, and public intellectual – is the Henry Cohen Professor of Economics and Urban Policy, a university professor, and the founding director of the Institute for the Study of Race, Stratification and Political Economy at The New School. The Institute will confront the pressing issues of our time and develop pathways and policies that break down hierarchy and promote greater equity, inclusion, and civic participation.

Hamilton has recently been profiled in The New York Times, Mother Jones, and The Wall Street Journal. He has been involved in crafting policy proposals, such as Baby Bonds and a Federal Job Guarantee, which have served as inspirations for legislative proposals at federal, state and local levels; served on the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force; was a presidential campaign surrogate for Bernie Sanders; and regularly advises many other government officials. California Representative Ro Khanna offers high praise, characterizing Hamilton as having a “profound impact on policymakers” and calling him an “intellectual giant of his time.”