How We Work

Our core philosophy is our belief in the ability of our grantees to do the work that will make a difference. The core strategy is movement building. Everything we do is a reflection of our core philosophy and strategy and is designed to maximize our impact as we work toward our mission.

We are cultivating a movement of poor and low-income families advocating on their own behalf for change.


We invest in cornerstone organizations in areas with the highest concentration of families living in poverty.

These are organizations that have deep roots in their communities and are consistently putting families at the forefront of their efforts — they are leading the movement.

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Lifting Voices

As the core goal of the Foundation, we aim to amplify the voices of poor and low-income families. We use the power of strategic communications to bring attention to those doing the hard work, facing challenges and making progress in communities.

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Grantee convenings are an important strategy we use to collaborate and enable grantees to build stronger networks, and improve their capacity to contribute to movement building. We have been committed to bringing folks together since our founding.

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Network Building

We invest in regional networks that span multiple issues low-income and working families face every day. These networks are the mortar of the movement, unifying families, community groups and advocates around collective actions.

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Program Related Investing

Through program related investments, we can align our investment strategy for a portion of our assets with our larger grantmaking strategy.

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With families at the forefront, the movement grows.