How We Work

Program Related Investments

Through strategic impact investing, the Foundation aligns its investments in companies, organizations, and funds with our core mission.

Program Related Investments

Program Related Investments (PRIs) are a valuable approach for Foundations seeking to supplement their grantmaking with investment dollars. Marguerite Casey Foundation’s PRIs are designed to directly advance the Foundation’s mission and are made without the intention to achieve market-rate returns.

Investing With Our Values

In 2016, Marguerite Casey Foundation began crafting a strategic approach to PRIs that aligns with both our mission and our grantmaking strategy. We use PRIs to target the regions of highest need, and are committed to making community voices part of the process, helping to prioritize issues and areas for investment.

Recent Projects

In 2017, we began putting our impact investment strategy into practice, with further investments under consideration. For example, we made a $1,000,000 investment in Self-Help Ventures Fund, supporting their belief that ownership is the best way for families to build wealth and financial security. The following year, we made a $2,000,000 investment in American South Real Estate Fund, supporting real estate projects in low-income communities in ten southern states.