How We Work

Lifting Voices

One of our core goals is to make sure that the voices of low-income families are brought to the forefront. Strategic communications is an important aspect and complement to grantmaking in advancing the movement. That begins with listening to the stories of the families and the grantees working with them, then elevating those stories in the national dialogue.

Equal Voice Campaign

The Equal Voice for America’s Families campaign was launched in October 2007 at the Monroe Correctional Facility in Washington state. The Foundation’s goal was to create and advance a national agenda for families, to build a family constituency that advocates in its own behalf, and to achieve a sustained shift in national attitudes and policies affecting poor and working families.

In partnership with 250 grantee organizations in 12 states, the Foundation held a series of 65 town hall meetings to aggregate the voices of some 15,000 families into a national platform of values and concrete policy suggestions, culminating in the National Family Platform.

National Family Platform

The Equal Voice National Family Platform calls on the country’s leaders to take a comprehensive – rather than piece-by-piece – policy approach to the challenges low-wage and working families face every day. This Platform was created by and represents the collective voices of more than 50,000 families. The Foundation supports this family-led movement to effect and change public policy and address entrenched poverty and its effects on a national level.

Harnessing the Power of Storytelling

Equal Voice is Marguerite Casey Foundation’s home for stories of families leading change in communities and about solutions for creating a more just and equitable society.

Recognizing Excellence

The Foundation grants awards annually that foster collaboration between Latino and African-American communities, honor the work of young leaders in the movement, and celebrate journalism that increases public and policymakers’ understanding of poverty.

Amplifying the Movement

The Foundation helps elevate the movement by amplifying its message through film and videos, educational materials, digital and print communications, and direct action. The Equal Voice Campaign was the opportunity to build national awareness of the realities of poverty in America by helping tens of thousands of families speak with a collective voice.

Ongoing Communications

We continue to give voice to the movement through social media, and to document townhalls and convenings to share knowledge across geographies.