How We Work

Network Building

We believe networks are engines of change with a basic yet ambitious mission: Bring families and local organizations together to make changes in their communities that they could not make alone.

Determined people working together can do anything.
Jim Casey

Scaling Impact

Families have the opportunity to advocate on their own behalf, and grantees have the freedom and flexibility to address their constituents’ needs without ever-shifting mandates.

This truly grassroots model brings the investment resources which allows grantmakers to support advocates without directing them, and empowers organizations rather than micromanaging them.

To develop the infrastructure for a national movement, we are building equal voice networks, facilitated by network weavers, who help our grantees collaborate across issues, form alliances, and bring about long-term change.

Network Weavers

The Foundation supports network building by awarding grants for infrastructure and facilitators, known as Network Weavers. These Network Weavers connect individual grantees and families across issues, geographies, race and ethnicities to work collectively for change.


In 2014, our California networks organized to help pass Proposition 47, a ballot initiative that reduced prison sentences and redirected $68 million in cost savings to prevention and reentry services.