Chad Boettcher



Chad Boettcher is the Founder and President at True North Media, a nonprofit media collective bringing together mission-based organizations, social impact strategists, content creators, and cultural influencers to use popular entertainment and storytelling for long-term social change. Previously, he served as the head of social impact at top media companies — including Univision Communications, The Onion, Participant Media and MTV — where his teams created and partnered with philanthropists and foundations to develop content, campaigns, and events designed to have social impact.

His credits include hundreds of activations around film and television programs over the last 15 years, including films like SPOTLIGHT, LINCOLN, THE HELP, SNITCH, FOOD INC. and MIDDLE OF NOWHERE and television shows like THE REAL WORLD, TRUE LIFE, THE VMAS, HITRECORD ON TV, PLEASE LIKE ME, PREMIOS JUVENTUD, and NOTICIAS. He and his team’s work have garnered dozens of industry awards, including multiple Emmy Awards® for community and public service, and have been included in many national publications such as the New York Times, The Washington Post, Fast Company, and TIME. Campaign efforts have included criminal justice reform, protecting against HIV/AIDS, fighting climate change, increasing access to affordable healthcare, helping young people get an education, and registering people to vote. Boettcher also held executive positions in corporate responsibility at both Nike and Weber Shandwick, taught marketing innovation at New York University, and worked for the presidential campaigns of both Al Gore (2000) and Barack Obama (2008).