sergio marīn luna

Program Officer

“Without new visions, we don’t know what to build, only what to knock down. We not only end up confused, rudderless, and cynical, but we forget that making a revolution is not a series of clever maneuvers and tactics, but a process that can and must transform us.”― Robin D.G. Kelley


As an MCF Program Officer, sergio marín luna is part of a team aiming to reorient philanthropy in support of power-building in communities historically and systemically excluded from shaping society and sharing in its rewards and freedoms. 

sergio’s political education began in their family - an inheritance from a long line of migrants, luchadxras, and compassionate justice-seekers - and continued in the classroom as an intermediate math & science teacher in a historically under-resourced city of color.  

Since then, they have lived out these values and inheritance as a Program Specialist with the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ), Program Manager with Public Allies-Los Angeles, Assistant Director of the Draper Center for Community Partnerships at Pomona College, a Human Relations consultant & facilitator, and a Program Officer at the Hyams Foundation, a place-based racial and economic justice funder.   

sergio was privileged to receive a couple of degrees that shaped their journey, a Master’s in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University.