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2014 Grantee Feedback Report

March 15, 2018

Marguerite Casey Foundation is committed to its brand promise of Ask, Listen, Act in asking for feedback from its grantees, listening to the results and acting upon them. We seek to build strong relationships with grantees, and provide multi-year, general operating support as well as non-monetary resources including convenings, in order to build the capacity of grantees to engage families in organizing, advocacy and activism to create a more socially and economically just society for all.

In late 2013, Marguerite Casey Foundation contracted with Harder+Company Community Research to conduct a confidential survey of its grantees. The survey, conducted in February-March 2014, asked about the impact of Foundation support on grantee effectiveness, capacity and sustainability; grantee perceptions of the Foundation and how it demonstrates its values; and awareness of and engagement with Foundation resources. The survey was sent out to all active grantees, 81 percent completed the survey.

The results of the survey are encouraging, and provide evidence that multi-year, general operating support, coupled with a strong supportive relationship with the Foundation, increases the effectiveness of grantee organizations. The feedback also included some candid suggestions for how to improve our practices, while providing benchmarks for future assessments of how we engage grantees and what resources are of most use to their important work. We invite you to read the report.

2014 Grantee Feedback Report