Whistleblower Policy

Marguerite Casey Foundation is committed to being an organization conducive to open discussion of our business practices. Our whistleblower policy applies to all Foundation employees, board members, and paid consultants.

If you have reason to believe that this person has violated MCF’s policies or is in violation of a state or federal statute or regulation, you are encouraged to report your concerns by emailing whistleblower@caseygrants.org.

Your email will be directed to the President & CEO, Board Chair, and the Foundation’s external ombudsperson. It is the Foundation’s policy to protect you from unlawful retaliation or discrimination by anyone affiliated with the Foundation as a result of your notifying either the Foundation when you have reason to believe the Foundation’s actions violate the law. The Foundation’s findings and actions will, to the extent possible, be communicated back to you. While the Foundation endeavors to maintain your confidentiality in the event you make such a report, your identity may have to be disclosed to conduct a thorough investigation, to comply with the law, or to provide accused individuals their legal rights to defense.

This policy prevents you from being subject to retaliatory action by the Foundation or any of its staff members if you report information where you have a reasonable reasonable good faith that the information discloses:

The Foundation will not: