Marguerite Casey Foundation

Who We Are

Our Mission

MCF supports leaders who work to shift the balance of power in their communities toward people who are excluded from sharing in the resources and benefits of society, and who have the vision and capacity to build a truly representative economy.

Marguerite Casey Foundation

Our Vision

We imagine a world where our democracy and economy truly represent the contributions, dreams, and desires of communities that have been historically excluded from sharing in the resources and benefits of society. People should be more than just represented in our democracy and economy—their representation must include their ability to shape them.

Our Values

Belonging & Representation

We are intentional and vigilant in identifying and undoing racism and white supremacy on every level in order to create an environment where acceptance, dignity, and justice are experienced by all.

Mutual Respect

We recognize the inherent value of people and relationships. We are direct, clear, and timely in our communication and treat everyone with care and humility.


We show and earn trust through honesty, transparency, and being responsible for our actions, words, attitudes, and follow-through.