Who We Are

Our Mission

Marguerite Casey Foundation exists to help low-income families strengthen their voice and mobilize their communities in order to achieve a more just and equitable society for all.

Our Vision

We imagine a just and equitable society for all, where all children are nurtured to become compassionate, responsible and self-reliant adults; where families are engaged in the life of their communities, the nation, and the world; and where people take responsibility for meeting today’s needs as well as those of future generations.

Our Values

Diversity and Anti-Racism

We courageously confront racism and discrimination. We reflect the voices, experiences and interests of diverse cultural and social groups.


We believe in a bottom-up approach to social change, one that treats everyone fairly and equitably. We strive to share information and best practices broadly with all grantees and with the field as a whole.

Learning and Growing

We foster a driven learning community, where we learn from experience, each other, and the communities we serve. We believe that knowledge is powerful and that learning never ends.

Mutual Respect and Trust

We create an environment of teamwork and trust where acceptance and dignity are experienced by all. We are responsible for our actions, words and attitudes and are accountable to always follow through.


We are thoughtful, thorough and strategic in our grantmaking decisions. We make sound business decisions regarding the use of our resources, and we are committed to good results.

Sustained Connections

We seek to develop and strive to preserve permanent community connections for families. We believe in the power of strong relationships to effect community change.


We are open and honest in all we do. We strive to conduct our business with the utmost clarity and directness, so that others will always know where we stand.