If you have any questions regarding employment at the Foundation, please email and put “Careers” in the subject line.

Our Culture

Freedom is possible, and at Marguerite Casey Foundation we work every day to create space for leaders to imagine freely, try bold ideas, and organize communities that are excluded from sharing in the resources and benefits of society.

We aspire to be an anti-racist and anti-supremacist organization that seeks to challenge, interrogate and undo the social and institutional norms that exclude and harm so many in the workplace and elsewhere.

We believe that the values that inform the way we work externally – belonging and representation, mutual respect, and trust – must guide the way we work internally as well.

Open Positions

There are no positions available at this time

Code of Conduct

The value of trust is foundational at Marguerite Casey Foundation.

Each team member is committed to practicing transparency, honesty, and integrity in fulfilling our responsibilities, including complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of business and personal ethics as we carry out our duties and responsibilities in the service of the leaders and communities we support.

Commitment to Organizational Justice

At Marguerite Casey Foundation, we recognize that as a private foundation, we need to challenge and change the norms of philanthropy, not just in who and how we fund, but also in who and how we hire and promote, and how we all work together.

Guided by our values, we strive to be a workplace community that goes beyond “diversity and inclusion,” where an employee — especially those with lived, educational, and professional experiences considered “non-traditional” for this sector — can find true belonging, and their employee experience, from recruiting to off-boarding, is equitable, caring, and just.