Who We Are

OUR VISION: Marguerite Casey Foundation is working toward a country where our government prioritizes the needs of excluded and underrepresented people, families, and communities.

Our board members, leadership, staff and partners are universally committed to building a just economy and fully realized democracy, and to providing unfettered support to the bold strategies and leadership that are required to bring about major change in our lifetime. In word and action, we are unapologetic about our commitment to racial justice and other key principles of transformation.

Our Values

Belonging & Representation

We are intentional and vigilant about identifying and undoing racism and white supremacy, on every level, in order to create an environment where acceptance, dignity and justice are experienced by all.

Mutual Respect

We recognize the inherent value of all people and the sanctity of relationships. We aim to be direct, clear and timely in our communication, to approach our relationships and interactions with openness and understanding, and to treat everyone with care, consideration and compassion.


We believe that successful movements are rooted in trust, and that trust is earned. We are committed to earning trust by keeping the promises we make, by practicing honesty and transparency in everything we do, and by taking responsibility for our assumptions, words and actions — including our mistakes.

Our Staff

Dr. Carmen Rojas

President & CEO

Rich Boswell

Director of Operations

Janae Brooks

Administrative Partner

Kelsey Cheatham

Human Resources Generalist

Wendy Cox

Board Liaison

Michael Flores

External Affairs Specialist

Kaitlin Frick

Operations Manager

Daniel Gould

Vice President of Investments & Operations

Sarah Hodges

Operations Coordinator

Joy Howard

Investments & Operations Administrative Partner

Zeeba Khalili

Vice President of Grantmaking and External Affairs

Xylina McDaniel

Administrative Partner, External Affairs

Hannah Nichols

Chief Human Resources Officer

Christopher Petrella

Director of Philanthropic Initiatives

John Pham

Accounting Specialist

Tyler Saltiel

Director of Finance

Jessica Thompson

Grants Manager

Vanessa Ushio

Creative Manager

Our Board

Ian Fuller

Board Chair

Megan Ming Francis

Board Vice Chair

Rami Nashashibi

Board Secretary

Ellis Carr

Board Treasurer

Stacey Abrams

Julián Castro

Janeen Comenote

Marisa Franco

Rashad Robinson

Jack Thomas


Marguerite Casey Foundation strives to change the rules of philanthropy. We are led by a multi-racial team committed to equity at every level — equity in the work we do and in the way we do it. Read about our open positions.

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