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It’s not enough for communities to be merely represented in our economy and democracy — they must be powerful enough to shape them. Marguerite Casey Foundation helps community leaders gain the freedom they need to lead, so their communities can gain the power they need to change how society works.

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Our Grant Recipients

“The fight [to preserve our sacred site] was led by an intergenerational, inter-tribal, multicultural coalition of community organizers who at the time were known as the Petroglyph Monument Protection Coalition. We developed from that. Our organizers recognize the need to mobilize and actively promote civic engagement and environmental equity.”

Ahtza Dawn Chavez
Executive Directors

“We labor daily to build the capacity of people and institutions to organize, build and work toward a collective vision of a community where everyone, no matter their ethnic background, or the color of their skin, has a fair chance to make it. A movement where the masses build enough power to control their own lives and become masters of their own destiny."

Marleine Bastien
Executive Director
Family Action Network Movement (FANM)

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“Funders must trust the leadership and expertise our communities have about the issues we are facing and the solutions to solve them. When you support local organizing, you're supporting long-term infrastructure of safe and healthy communities. You're supporting not only the fights but also the dreams, of people in those neighborhoods. And that is how we can win and build the world we deserve. Community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood.”

Viri Hernandez
Executive Director
Poder in Action

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It's so critical that our organizing and the support for it is sustained beyond one hot moment. This is larger than one election. This is about people exercising their right to determine how their cities, their states, and their communities are shaped and represented for generations to come."

Mansoor Sabree
Inner-City Muslim Action Network - Atlanta

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