June 17, 2024

Announcing MCF’s 2024 Public Dollars for Public Good Partners: Unlocking Billions for a Better Life

I'm thrilled to share an exciting update on MCF’s funding initiative Public Dollars for Public Good (PDPG).

We have a unique opportunity to unlock and direct billions in public funds for essential public services with trillions of dollars available through federal programs like the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). However, accessing this money is often out of reach for the communities that need it most.

That's where PDPG comes in.

This year, our PDPG initiative will grant over $3 million to 9 organizations. With this funding, these organizations are launching and expanding bold experiments across the country that aim to increase public funding for the public good; institutions and services that keep people housed, educated, and healthy.

Our grant recipients are up against efforts to divert public dollars for private interests, like using ARPA grants to build prisons and enrich companies that arm police. When tax dollars serve private interests, poverty and inequality rise.

PDPG is fighting to reverse this trend and help build a vibrant multiracial democracy and a just economy.

I invite you to explore the bold work of our second cohort of PDPG grant recipients and meet the visionary advisors helping to shape this initiative.

In solidarity,

Dr. Carmen Rojas

President & CEO

Meet the 2024 PDPG Cohort

Many PDPG grant recipients have already seen powerful wins. Meet our 2024 cohort and learn how PDPG grant recipients are taking their work to new heights with this year’s funding.

Learn more here

PDPG Advisors

PDPG was developed in close partnership with an outstanding group of advisors. Meet the distinguished scholars, recent government leaders, and experts who are helping to guide the development, implementation, and evolving strategy of this initiative.

Learn more here

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