Angélica Cházaro, J.D

University of Washington
"There is nothing inevitable about our current social setup. There is nothing inevitable about the current distribution of wealth, the current distribution of power, the current distribution of life chances. I'm constantly trying to interrupt what we've learned about how things should be and try to create new possibilities, both in practice and in my teaching and scholarship. We need to figure out ways to respond to crisis and harm. Without guns and without cages. I think ideas can open new paths and send people in new directions that they might not otherwise considered."

Angélica Cházaro is an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Law where she teaches critical race theory, poverty law, professional responsibility, and courses on immigration law. 

Along with receiving numerous scholarships and a Lowenstein fellowship, Cházaro has been interviewed on both national and international news outlets for her work on behalf of immigrants. She is also co-founder of La Resistencia, a grassroots organization based in Washington state, working to end the detention of immigrants, stop deportations, and close the Northwest Detention Center.