December 1, 2023

Marguerite Casey Foundation Partners With NationSwell for Author Series Centering Radical, Transformative Luminaries

To advance its vision for a society that prioritizes the needs of excluded and underrepresented people, Marguerite Casey Foundation (MCF) has partnered with NationSwell, an executive membership and advisory firm, on the MCF Book Club: Reading for a Liberated Future, a quarterly event series promoting authors from historically marginalized populations whose work centers radical, regenerative, and transformative approaches to community-building.

“Stories are the foundation for a liberated future,” Dr. Carmen Rojas, President & CEO of Marguerite Casey Foundation, said. “They have the power to redress historic failings, lift and illuminate the marginalized, and show us all that the path to a more just world can only be found if we expand our search past our backyards and our board rooms. We’re honored to partner with NationSwell and showcase these dynamic writers and the profound stories they’re telling.”

In fireside chats curated by MCF Book Club and organized by NationSwell, Dr. Rojas will interview each author in front of the organizations’ shared audience of field-builders, thought leaders, impact investors, philanthropic grantmakers, elected officials, and heads of social impact and sustainability at some of the nation’s largest private sector companies.

The series partnership will kick off in early December with “Invisible No More: Voices from Native America,” a book talk celebrating and centering Native American luminaries who are leading through cultural-grounding and nation-building in community, environmental, and economic justice.

“It’s with deep gratitude that we have the opportunity to partner with Dr. Rojas and Marguerite Casey Foundation on this author series,” Chloe Lew, SVP of Strategic Partnerships & Innovation at NationSwell, said of the partnership. “Their standard-bearing work on funding organizing movements has been a rising tide that has lifted not just philanthropy, but all social impact and sustainability work that has historically decentered the needs and voices of the communities they’re actually trying to reach, and the authors they’ve curated for these talks represent some of our favorite books in the NationSwell Library.” Learn more about the series partnership and how you can attend these conversations here.

Marguerite Casey Foundation is an institutional member of NationSwell. Learn more about MCF here, and NationSwell institutional membership here. RSVP here.

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